The Wannang Biddi and Bunnitj Biddi were previously known as the Darch Trail and Ten Mile Brook Trail, and start near the heart of Margaret River.

300m North of the heart of Margaret River on the Bussell Highway is the Rotary Park - look for "Kate", the train.

The Rotary Park is a base for several trails, as well as some nice walks  along Margaret River. There are toilets, picnic facilities and water there. The Old Settlement village is signposted, and is just across the river back towards town.

This is what they look like:

The rail lines in this area were used for hauling timber in the early 1900's.  One of the local timber companies was the M.C Davies Karri and Jarrah Timber Company. The first train they purchased was "Kate", in 1895. It worked at Karridale, Yarloop, Jarrahdale and Marrinup until 1917, when it was sold to the Public Works Department and sent to the Wyndham Meat Works. It lay unused in 1953, and was donated to the Margaret River Rotary Club in 1963, who preserved it for display in the Rotary Park in Margaret River.

1.8km away across the Bussell Highway and along the heritage trail is the Carter's Road Trail head. The Big Brook, Old Chimney and Pine Plantation trails start from there. The Wadandi Track (often referred to as the Rails To Trails, see seperate page) also runs through there.

Bunnitj Biddi was known as the Ten Mile Brook Trail. It follows Margaret River to the Rusden Picnic area, then on to the 10 Mile Brook Dam. The Brook was named on it's distance from the Coast. It goes through karri, jarrah, marri and blackbutt forest. Follow the yellow triangle markers with the train on it.

The first 2.4 km follows close to Margaret River on a firm, gently undulating rail trail. You can see walkways on the other side of the river from a small viewing platform. About 1.2km along is a wooden bridge crossing the river to the township side, where walk trails take you back to Rotary Park.

When you get to a Y junction, if you veer right, you head to a modern bridge that you ride over the River takes you to the start of the Wannang Biddi. Veer left to cross under a large modern concrete bridge that is the Margaret River bypass road (Perimeter Rd). This will take you to 10 Mile Brook on the Bunnitji Trail.

Crossing under the Perimeter Rd bridge, there is a short steeper zig zag climb to rejoin old rail trail that was cut by Perimeter Road. The rest of the ride is a bit steeper and rougher than the first section of the trail, but we found all hills rideable. There are often junctions with signage indicating "Summer Route" and "Winter Route", and it can be ridden as a loop. The Winter route is provided when the trail gets very wet underfoot. We only rode the Summer route.

There is another nice bridge over the river, then an elevated cycleway over some swampy ground. At the Rusden picnic area there are picnic shelters, running water and toilets, but no bins are provided (take your rubbish out). This area was cleared in the 1930's by the Rusden family, who ran Margaret River's first diary here. The dam at the Ten Mile Brook is about another 500m on, and is signposted. The dam was  created in the mid-1990s to create a new supply of water for the expanding Margaret River.

The Wannang Biddi, known previously as the Darch Trail, runs 3.3km from the Bunnitji Biddi, South to Rosa Brook Road. It follows the route of an old railway line, and is very flat and easy riding. Walkers and cyclists are welcome, but not motor vehicles or horses. As of February 2020, I could not see any signs or info on the Wannang Biddi Trail in the Rotary Park - it is only sign posted later when it departs from the Bunnitj Biddi. Follow the trail markers (peppermint tree leaf ) on the few spots where the route is not obvious.

About 2.3 km from the Rotary Park, Wannang Trail veers to the right (the Bunnitj Biddi veers left and crosses under the modern Perimeter Road traffic bridge). It crosses over a small modern bridge over Margaret River. The Perimeter Road bridge is clearly visible.  After the bridge, there is a kilometre or so of wide, but winding, single track. Then you join typical rail trail (look for the tree leaf marker) which is fairly straight, very flat and easy riding. Cross one road (4.0km, John Archibald Drive) with caution, then finish near Rosa Brook Rd. The Trail obviously continues into Darch Road, but a "No Through Road" sign put us off exploring further. Plus, the signage says this is the end of the trail. The trail most probably continues further South to Perimeter Rd and beyond. We rode back the way we rode in, but you can turn west at John Archibald Drive, as a cycleway will take you close to town.

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