This four wheel track starts on Nanga Road, and goes very close to Bidjar Ngoulin hut on the Munda Biddi Trail in the first few kilometres. It follows an old railway line so I have included it on my website anyway.

The full 105 km length finishes at the historic Quindanning pub. But the first 40 km is what interests me, as it follows the old railway line. It crosses the Munda Biddi trail and the Bibbulmun Track.

This track is recommended for four wheel drive vehicles only - not SUV's, as you will need at least 200mm of ground clearance. It is graded Easy to Medium.  We found this to be an accurate requirement on both our visits in 2012 and again in Sept 2019. The Track has been regularly used by 4WD cars, and has deep ruts, which fill with water and mud. It is recommended drivers travel in convoys with recovery equipment. Sometimes in Winter the Track will be closed.

Most track intersections are marked with a track marker ( see sample in Gallery), but in 2019, one was not. Download the GPX and stay on track!

Captain Fawcett  migrated to W.A. in the 1850s after inheriting land in the Murray District on the death of his father. This made him a wealthy Pinjarra land owner (and the only Western Australian distiller of brandy!). He had a homestead at Pinjarrah Park Estate (note spelling of Pinjarra). He also owned a mill, a large red brick building with a huge chimney and kiln that is now is in ruins 200m south of the homestead. The Mill was initially constructed in 1865, which is when Fawcett acquired mill machinery from Cooper's Mill at Yunderup. He was a Justice of the Peace, and later a member of the Legislative Council for the Murray and Williams districts. He  also was a co-founder the Pinjarrah Mounted Volunteers (PMV) in 1862, which was a local reservist mounted force to provide some measure of defence in the absence of any formal police force at the time.

In search of more land, he set out in 1860 with William Pollard to explore the area. They followed the Murray River. At Marradong Creek, he found a freshwater spring that he thought the local Aboriginals called "Mokine". He decided to claim this area for his home, and claimed over 10,000 acres. To return to Dwellingup, he headed straight through the bush, blazing trees as he went so his workers could find "Mokine". That route is now the Marradong to Dwellingup Rd. Mokine Homestead was constructed from local stone and  brick with a corrugated iron roof. The front of the home was  cement rendered, with a bull-nose veranda.

The Track starts at  Dawn Creek Rd and Nanga Rd, south of the Nanga campsite on the Munda Biddi, or about 18 km south of Dwellingup. Intially it is slow and rough as it descends towards the river. It crosses the King Jarrah walk trail after 2.3km.
At 3.6km, the Track joins the Munda Biddi Trail. The Track turns left, whereas the Munda Biddi Trail keeps straight on at the white gate. Bidjar Ngoulin hut is approximately 1.9 km further on.

The track is now muddier with  many sections of deep ruts, which fill with water and mud. It is often only one car width wide. But after about 16km, the worst is behind you - the track is drier with less deep ruts.

On our visit in 2012, at the 10km and 14km mark, old wooden rail bridges are clearly seen. However on our visit in 2019, these were either over grown, or more likely destroyed by the 2015 Hotham fire.

At the 41km mark, the track reaches the Harvey-Quindanning Road, a good quality gravel road. Turn left to continue the Track route, or turn right to go to Harvey.

At the 42km mark, the track crosses the Bibbulmun Track at Long Gully Bridge. This 128m long rail bridge was was built for the WA Government Railways in 1949 and was used to supply timber to Hakea Mill. It  was an outstanding example of an early rail trestle bridge. The rail network was integral for the timber industry from the Serpentine-Jarrahdale area to Dwellingup region. When the Dwellingup Mill was burned down in 1961, the rail line ceased operation. Sadly, the bridge was destroyed in 2015 by the Hotham fire, even with the efforts of fire fighters to save it. The same fire also destroyed the historic Yarloop railways workshop.

At the 45km mark, the sealed road starts.

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