I am no movie maker. But I have a collection of videos that help you see what is ahead of you. Please note - when I go back to record the Munda Biddi Trail in detail and take all my photos and video, I am based in the nearest country town and not riding with all my gear in panniers or my BoB trailer. If you visit the Trail on a multi day ride, you will need to carry your gear!

Here are two rides we did from Margaret River in March 2020:

My Yaberoo Budjara Trail ride from 31 August 2019 is here:

To see my my updated video of the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail ride from June 2018, see below:

The Wadandi Track will eventually go from Busselton to Augusta, over 100km on rail trail. This is what it looks like at the moment:

I love cycling through nature, so these two videos capture the birds and animals as well as the trees and plants I have seen along the Trail.

I updated my Kep Track video with footage from 2018:

If you start or finish in Albany, take a day or two to have a look around town - there is some great riding around this historic harbour side city. This is what you may see:

If you end up riding the Munda Biddi all the way, you are either going to have to get to, or from, Albany. This is what you can expect to see along the Albany highway.

The Munda Biddi isn't all easy trails and sunny camp sites. Here are a few hazards that I have come across in my time riding it.

500m from the Munda Biddi Trail on Map 8 is the Tree Top walk through the Valley of the Giants. This is what it looked like in 2018:

The Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail is close to Perth, an easy ride for kids and non riding partners, and has all that Kalamunda has to offer in the middle!

The Jarrahdale Railway Heritage Trail is a bit rough, but could be an ideal way to get off the Scarp from Jarrahdale:

The best time to ride the Trail is Spring. See why here:

The Munda Biddi surfaces video has been updated in July 2017 with more footage.

This ride was from Kesners Rd on Map 2 to Gleneagles on Map 1, over 3 days, in April 2017.

Are you going to Geraldton? Here's a ride you can do up there. But read my notes first - it is not old rail trail!

There are twelve huts along the Munda Biddi Trail. Here's what they all look like:

1000km of the Munda Biddi  in 5 minutes? See it in my highlights clip. I updated my original highlights clip with lots of new video for 2017:

Manjimup to Northcliffe spends a lot of time under the spectaucular karri trees. See lots of them, including the Gloucester tree, in my Map 6 highlights:

The WOW (Wilderness Ocean Walk) trail on Map 8 may be incorporated into the Munda Biddi. Get a sneak preview here.

In Janurary 2017, we rode and made our highlights video of map 7. You can see it here:

This is what you will see on map 2:

And map 3 looks like this:

Here is my map 5 video, recorded in September 2016:

I made this video about Donnelly River, how beautiful it is and all the things to do there (Sept 2016):

I made this video about what Munda Biddi Shuttle Services do:

Here is another video on what you will see when riding the 4 Trails ride. It was filmed in Spring 2016, so it does look extremely pretty:

I put a couple of video clips into the iMovie program on my Mac, selected a theme, and this 90 second video is the result. It is quite catchy really.

Here is a 2 minute video of Map 4 that I recorded in Dec 2015 and April 2016. I took the bypass to Honeymoon Pool.

The 2 minute video of my May 2016 Collie Darkan rail trail ride is here:

I rode my new Four Trails ride in March 2016, and here is the video I made along the way:

This is my video of the Old Timberline Trail and the Sidings Trail. The Sidings Trail and the Munda Biddi Map 5 both go from Jarrahwood to Nannup, then the Old Timberline Trail returns to Chambray Siding, which is half way between Jarrahwood and Nannup.

A bit of fun with Munda Biddi video clips.
Over Christmas this year, we spent 10 days in Denmark, riding Map 8 & 9, as well as the Denmark Nornalup heritage trail. This video is all the special effects, speeding clips up, playing with filters and other interesting clips compiled in to one short fun video.

Christmas (2015) means our annual 10 day break in Denmark, so lots of riding. Here is the first video - map 9 highlights, from Jan 2016. Map 9 start in Denmark, then continues along the Wilson Inlet (keep an eye out for the 4000 year old Aboriginal fish trap) on old rail line. It also follows the Torbay Rail trail before ending in Albany.

Here is my two minute Munda Biddi Map 8 highlights video. We started in Walpole, and rode under the Tingle trees and next to the Frankland River. The middle section is a lot of gravel road, but then the Trail goes to Jinung Beigabup hut, which is spectacular, as is the coast near Greens Pool and Lights Beach. It finishs in Denmark.

Mount Lindesay on Map 8 is only 2km from the Munda Biddi Trail, along Nutcracker Road, and some riders climb it when they ride passed. The 385 metre high feature is an "island" of ecology - some of the plants that grow around the granite outcrops are found no where else in the world. The 10 km round trip first plunges from the information hut down to cross the Denmark River, then rises up a moderately difficult climb. You should allow 4 hours to do the return walk - I did it in 2.5 hours, but I had driven there, and so was not tired from riding there.

This is my video of the Denmark Nornalup heritage trail. The Denmark Nornalup heritage trail and Munda Biddi (Map 8) ride together along Wilson inlet to Denmark, then the Denmark Nornalup heritage trail follows the old rail line to Kent River. The final section goes from Bow Bridge into Nornalup. The Denmark Nornalup heritage trail can be ridden from Walpole to Denmark, and used as an alternative to the Munda Biddi. I hope you like it.

Here is a short video of my ride map 4 and 5 in Dec 2015. The trip started as a maintenance day with Ron to check his section of the Trail near Karta Burnu hut on Map 5. At 5.30 pm on Saturday, I started riding from Nannup to Jarrahwood , overnighting at the Community House. Sunday is my ride from Jarrahwood to Donnybrook, then on to Boyanup on the Munda Biddi. The last 20 km into Bunbury was on the road. I caught the 2.45pm Australind train, in Perth by 5.15pm, home by 5.45pm Sunday. Asleep by 8.30pm! I rode 109 km from Nannup to Bunbury, with 81 km on the Munda Biddi Trail, in 24 hours.

Here is a video of my wife on her first overnight trip on the Trail. I recorded it in October 2015 from Collie to Logue Brook Dam, overnighting at Yarri campsite. It really showcases the beautiful trails and bush near Collie. She was riding a "comfort bike " with knobbly tyres and could ride the old rail trails without much experience. She rode 70 km from lunchtime on Saturday to lunchtime on Sunday - a great achievement.

This is a very short video of riding from Albany highway into Wungong hut ( Map 1) in Spring......

....and then a walk through of the campsite.

This is my Munda Biddi highlights video. It is the 9 maps of the Trail, all 1000 km, summed up in under 4 minutes. I hope you like it.

This video explains what the Munda Biddi Trail is all about.

Map 1 of the Munda Biddi is from Mundaring to to Jarrahdale:

This video shows the 40 km of Dwellingup to Dandalup Dam on Map 2.

For an 80 second video of Logue Brook Dam to Dwellingup, staying at Bidjar hut, during the storms of May 2015, see:

Cary shot this on a GoPro on our May 2015 Map 3 ride. I edited it down and added some cool music. It looks really different from my usual videos. Thanks Cary for providing the footage.

All twelve Munda Biddi huts are basically the same design, although some are half sized. For a walk through of one hut (Jinung on Map 8) see:

This video shows the old form that is common to the Denmark Nornalup Heritage Trail and Munda Biddi Map 9. It was recorded near the Hay River:

Again, this section of old form is common to the Denmark Nornalup Heritage Trail and Munda Biddi Map 9. It goes next to the Wilson Inlet

More on the old form is common to the Denmark Nornalup Heritage Trail and Munda Biddi Map 9. It crosses the Denmark River, and then goes next to Wilson Inlet. The built up rail embankment is clear to see in the second half of the video.

This 5 minute video is not mine. It does not tell you much about what the Munda Biddi is like. But it is so beautifully filmed it makes you want to quit your job and get out and ride! It is worth a look.

Carinyah Circuit is an easy 15km circuit that is close to Perth and stops at the Carinyah hut. It is an ideal first ride if you are thinking of riding the Munda Biddi:

The Waterous Loop is a 61 km ride with a hut in the middle, so a great intro to the Munda Biddi:

The Mason & Bird Heritage Trail is very close to Perth and is a short but interesting ride.

The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail is an easy 42 km loop on old rail line that is close to Perth and goes through some lovely bush.

Here is my 90 second video on the Kep Track.

This 90 second video shows my ride into Perth in Spring 2015. If you are a visitor to Perth, the cycleways by the Swan River are a fantastic way to see our City.

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