Munda Biddi Map 1 Mundaring to Jarrahdale

April 2017

29" Softtail, with Extrawheel Trailer, 3 day ride:

I learnt something important on this ride- I am too old to double hut (riding twice the "suggested" ride distances) while riding with my camping gear in the pea gravel of Map 1 and 2.

Our plan was to catch a train to Mandurah, ride the 20km to Pinjarra, then ride 17 km (including a 300m ascent up the Scarp) on North Spur Rd to the Trail. From there it was 22km to Dandalup Hut. The next day was planned as 35 km to Jarrahdale for lunch, then a gentle 30 km to Wungong Hut for another overnight. The last day was 35km to Carinyah hut, 10 km to Pickering Brook, then about 18km down the Mason and Bird Trail to Maddington Train station for a train home. But I forgot how tough the Trail was, especially combined with warm April weather and dry, loose pea gravel.

The three of us met at my place around 8.30 am and rode the 10 km to Elizabeth Quay station. Saturday morning at this station is pretty quiet, but trains are every 15 mins. It cost about $8 for the hour long trip to Mandurah, and we were there just after 10am. The 20 km to Pinjarra is flat and fast although half of it is shared with cars doing 80-100km/hr on a dual carriage way with 1 meter shoulder. This ride took us about 90 mins, so we stopped at the park by the suspension for an early lunch.

About 12.30pm, we rode up the cycleway towards Alcoa. We turned off, and rode the quiet road towards to refinery, then turned left up North Spur Rd. The road started rising straight away, but we hit a 2km long "wall", which had us walking. It also coincided with the breeze dropping on the 28 degree day, so we were soon soaked in sweat. Just on top of the hill, we got a flat tyre, most probably caused by a  double gee prickle. But at least we had time to cool off.

About 2.30pm we turned up Kesners Road, the start of the Munda Biddi. At first it was good form (temporary rail line), but it soon had some sections of pea gravel. Combined with a gentle hill, it was impossible to ride whilst loaded up. Not to worry, we only had 22km to get to Dandalup hut. But it was a slow, hot, sweaty push, especially the first 10 km. The second 10 km were definitely easier, but we were all starting to fade. It was interesting to watch one of our tired riders ride passed a clearly visible marker indicating a change in direction - his area of focus was now only directly in front of his wheel.  Another puncture (a pinch flat this time) meant it was just getting fully dark when we rode into the hut just after 6.00pm.

There was already a Dad with his two kids (5 and 7 years old). They had ridden from a Jarrahdale- about 35km! They all seemed to be having a great time. Good on 'em. This proves that map 1 and 2 are conquerable as long as you don't try to ride too far in one day - 30-40 km is the recommended distances. Save the double hutting for the later, easier, parts of the Trail.

I had filled up my water in Pinjarra (3.5 litres), but after dinner it was all gone. That was only 40km, but it was warm. I drank the water straight from the tank, with no ill effects.

We started the usual night routine- start with updating Facebook (the hut has a great phone signal), then unpack, some food, a change of clothes, then fix our tube punctures. About 9pm, two guys on CX bikes (drop handlebars, skinny tyres) turned up. They had ridden from Brookton highway, about 90km, and they looked shattered! We offered them space in the hut, but they wanted to camp. We didn't see them again till the morning.

It was quiet, pleasant over night - maybe down to about 10 degrees. Dad was reading the kids stories, and that helped us nod off! But I think we all had the usual first night's sleep on the Trail - mattress too hard or soft, sleeping bag too hot or cold, who is that snoring....then suddenly it is first light. Morning routine was usual - breakfast, packing etc. I didn't fill my water up, as it is about 2km to the dam toilets and scheme water. But it is a rough first km, so even though we left the hut about 8.15 am, it was nearly 9.30am by the time we finished our stop at the dam toilets for a water refill and a comfort break on real porcelain!

We cut a small section of the Trail out by staying on Scarp Road, but by now one of our group was struggling. He is a great rock climber, and built for scaling verticals, not cranking through deep gravel. At Rowley Road, where the Trail heads back into the rough stuff again, he called it quits. He could continue along Boyd Rd for a couple of clicks, riding off the Scarp and get picked up on the South West highway. We had phone signal, so he could confirm the pick up. It was a wise move, because in 2 hours we had come less than 10km, and at this stage, had 55km to go.

The next 15km was a mix of good tracks and more deep pea gravel, with hills chucked in. We rode the touring route, and even that was tough in parts. It was slow, dusty, but at least a bit cooler - forecast was for 26 today. When you come out on a Scarp Rd at the top of the valley, we thought it was all downhill for 5km into Serpentine River, then 5 km up again to Jarrahdale. But the trail turns off into a steep, rough downhill, before another steep uphill! After we turned back onto Scarp Rd, we meet two cyclists riding uphill, and we suggested they stay on the road, even though they were walking up it - the alternative is really tough.

The ride out of the Serpentine River valley was tough - that first 200m next to a small pipeline seemed vertical, and the pipeline just went straight up the hill. But the trail zig zags its way up, following the old train lines, so we rode about half of it and pushed for the rest. We were at the Jarrahdale General store about 1.30pm, and started to think about not riding on to Wungong hut. We were feeling ok, but our slow first 10km meant we faced a likely prospect of riding the last section in the dark. Plus, we were happy to have a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon rather than push on just to stick to a schedule.

So at 2.30pm, we finished lunch and rode the 1000m to the Post Office to get the key to the Environmental Centre, the old hospital, which is next to the general store. It cost us $17.50 each, so we unpacked onto the bunk beds and enjoyed a relaxing ale from the pub. We got our bike chains cleaned, caught up on social media, contacted our loved ones, and then headed to the pub for dinner. We were back at the hospital by 8.30pm, and soon in bed. We had heard the hospital had a resident rat and ghost (I don't believe in ghosts, but I have that generations-old dislike of rats), and unfortunately we saw the former and not the later.

Next morning was cool and crisp and we were away by 8am. After the ride into Jarrahdale, the ride out was bliss - mainly old railway line initially. We stopped at Balmoral prisoner of war camp for about 30 mins, and soon after the trail leaves the dense jarrah bush and enters more sparse forest, usually on dirt roads. There was one major hill, and though we could have been ridden it, we didn't as we didn't want to over do it. At the top, we got a phone signal, so did a bit of messaging.

Once we crossed Jarrahdale road, it was lovely form all the way to Wungong hut. We only stopped for 10 mins to sign the visitors log, and were soon out again, rejoining the main trail to get to Gleneagles. We were there about 11.45am, so it had taken us nearly 4 hours ( I am always stopping for photos and video!). I reckon it would have taken us about the same time if we had ridden in last night (we wouldn't have stopped for photos, but would have been slower at the end of a tough day). That would have meant about an hours ride in the dark, at the end of a tough day. That is when accidents happen or markers get missed, compounding our fatigue. So I was glad we stayed in Jarrahdale.

Our lift had been waiting for us for 10 minutes at Gleneagles, so we had a quick bite to eat, loaded up and headed back home. 60 minutes later, I was hosing the bike off, thinking about a hot shower and Anzac Day tomorrow. Thanks Luan and Nigel for coming along.

August 2015

29" Softtail, Day Ride Carinyah hut to Mundaring:

What a great day for riding! The weather was forecast 26 degrees, and it is supposed to be Winter! I got dropped at the Carinyah Trail car park and planned to ride to Carinyah hut and on to Mundaring. This ride soon reminded me that Map 1 has the best and worst of the Munda Biddi. The best is the peaceful old rail trails and some of the views around Helena River. The worst was the pea gravel, the steep rough hills around Helena Valley and the rubbish dumped along the Trail (it is close to the City). But Map 1 is close to home, and so much nicer to be in the bush rather than in the office.

I left Carinyah hut at about 9.20am and was obviously the only one around. This section is not as scenic as other areas, so I didn't stop for many photos or video. I was soon riding into Pickering Brook on the quiet country roads, before heading into the bush again. Now there was a few more cyclists about, including a guy on a racing bike who tore passed me - I was surprised. Obviously he was practicing for cyclo cross, but I don't know why you want to ride road bikes on the dirt. As I joined the Kalamunda MTB circuit near The Dell the Trail was packed - there was a MTB event on and the riders were using the Munda Biddi to get up to their start point. It was great to see the Trail busy. The Dell was busy as well. The ride down into the Helena River is a tougher section of the Munda Biddi, even with gravity and no luggage assisting me.

After getting to the Helena River and riding between it and the pipeline for a couple of kilometres, it was time to join the sealed road and ride to the Mundaring Weir hotel. The pub was packed with everyone enjoying the winter weather - motorbikes, families, road & MTB cyclists, walkers - the lot! By now it was pretty warm, and I was feeling below average ( I hadn't been 100% for the last few days) so I called for a pick up in Mundaring rather than ride the Railway Heritage Trail to the train in Midland.

The last crawl up from the Mundaring Weir hotel to Mundaring was tough. My flu like symptoms had got worse, so it was a case of dial in a steady easy speed and spin up the slope. The lift home was appreciated, as was a quiet afternoon off with 2 disprin and a lie down!

July 2015

29" Softtail, Day Ride Jarrahdale To Carinyah hut:

Another cold morning - it was 2 degrees at just before 8 am in Jarrahdale. I waited for the cafe to open at 8 and had a quick coffee and was on the Trail by 8.15am. The ride to Balmoral is all pretty flat and often on old form, so it did take awhile for me to warm up. Also warming up was a big mob of kangaroos in a paddock near town, and 6 or 7 emus that crossed the Trail in front of me.

Once I was on the form into Balmoral, I noticed a train loading ramp made out of logs and earth. It was not a huge find, but a nice piece of rail history. There was also a blaze tree on the opposite side of the track.

I met two English cyclists who were riding all the way to Albany. They said there was ice at Wungong hut this morning and they had been very cold. They were riding touring bikes with fairly smooth tyres, front and rear panniers and drop handle bars, which is a set up I would not use. They had already had one "off" but I assured them it would get better after Dwellingup.

I had a quick stop in Balmoral, mainly for a snack bar and to get some video. The ride from Balmoral to Wungong hut is mainly gravel roads, and fairly flat. On the big hill of the ride I did get phone service. Coming into Wungong hut, I saw a couple of groups of 4 or 5 riders- they had obviously been dropped at Albany Highway and we're getting picked up in Jarrahdale. The hut was empty when I got there. There was a diversion notice at the hut dated March 2015 but there was no diversion listed on the DPaW website and the Trail followed the usual route. Again, I had a quick break, then it was on to Carinyah hut. My bike computer was 60m difference from the GPS after 27 km - a very accurate figure.

Coming out of the hut I encountered the first two motorcyclists of the day. Being school holidays, a fine sunny Saturday and being close to the city, the Trail was busy with lots of 4WDs, motorbike, quad bike and cyclists. I crossed Albany Highway, then tracked the correct route I missed last time I rode here. The point where I took the wrong turn is still unmarked, but now I have the right turn for my RSS.

The ride from Albany highway to Brookton highway is more on old form, but is mainly uphill. Unloaded it was ok- just a steep walk. I spotted a really huge jarrah tree- see it in the video. And I also saw some Darling Range ghost gums, which are relatively rare. I saw another pair of cyclists on a day ride.The last section to Brookton highway was littered with household rubbish, asbestos, wrecked cars etc- not really pretty.

Soon after crossing the highway I joined the Carinyah Circuit. I saw a couple of cyclists there as well, but quite a few motorbikes, including inside the gated section by the hut . And I could hear plenty of others nearby. I think that this section is close to Perth and hence a lot of motorbikes and rubbish ended up here.

I was at the hut when a group of 6 or so guys turned up who were doing an overnighter from Mundaring. I left them to settle in then rode back to the Carinyah circuit car park. I turned on the Brookton highway towards Perth and was at Karragullen in a few km or so. It was the 10 km mark from the hut when the downhill off the Scarp started. I hit speeds of nearly 60 km/hr with out trying! I was surprised how many big 4WD with motorbikes & quads went passed me. I stopped at a cafe near the bottom of the hill for an iced coffee and muffin, and was on the train home about 30 mins later. I then had a 15 minute ride to my house and was in the door just before 5pm. It was a huge day, but really enjoyable.

Apr 2014

Softtail, Day Ride Albany Hway to Jarrahdale:

Today is a nice cruisey ride with friends. The weather was pleasant - warm and dry. We got dropped at Gleneagles before making our way through the old town site roads, across Albany Highway and on to the Wungong campsite. After a short break and a look around for those that had not been to a MB hut before, we returned to the Trail then continued along the old train lines. This section of the trail is excellent - undulating, good solid surface to ride on and quite green (even at the end of Summer).

After crossing the sealed Jarrahdale Rd the trail follows gravel roads instead of the forms - not quite as nice as the rail forms, but still very good. We had one decent hill on the ride, and at the top you can get phone signal, so as we stopped to catch our breath, all the phones started chirping as messages came in.

We had a stop in Balmoral as we waited for the riders from Jarrahdale to meet us. There is not much of the POW camp to see, but it is a beautiful spot with tables & toilets.

Most of the ride after Balmoral POW camp to Jarrahdale is along old rail line. The first few kilometres after Balmoral are particularly nice - a narrow straight track, but firm and stable, with only slight rises. There are a few sections where you can still see the old rail sleepers.

The other Map 1 deviation shown on the website (current April 2014) is nearer to Jarrahdale due to a fuel reduction burn. However it was not in place so we followed the MB as indicated by the maps. The diversion puts you on to the gravel Balmoral Road instead of riding the rail trail near by it. The diversion was from Balmoral POW camp to almost Jarrahdale, so it does miss some nice sections if it is in place.

We got into Jarrahdale in time for a late lunch at the general store before packing up and heading home.

Mar 2014

Softtail, Day Ride Midland to Albany Hway

It has been a long hot summer and we have gone 100 days without rain in Perth and none is in sight either. But the forecast was for a cooler day at 28 degrees so I thought I'd catch a train to Midland, ride the Railway Heritage Trail to Mundaring, then ride the Munda Biddi to Gleneagles on Albany Hway. The total ride was about 93km, nearly all on dirt or the MB, but I was hoping that as I was riding unloaded it would help make the ride easier. Perhaps I should have made the ride abit shorter so I stayed more in the "loving the ride" zone instead of creeping into "when do I get to the end!" feeling!

I caught the first train from Bayswater to Midland at 7.40am. It is always fun catching the first train of the day on Sunday as it is half full of people who are off to work or exercise, and the other half is people catching the first public transport of the day home from a big Saturday night out. The mix of work clothes, lycra and bedraggled Saturday night finery is amusing, especially as they struggle to stay awake. 2 zones on the train was $4.20 for an adult fare.

The ride up to Mundaring was the usual steady ride uphill on a very good surface except for the couple of kilometres where several hundred runners were running down hill. It was obviously a race from near Mundaring to Darlington, mainly on the road but sharing the trail for a bit. It was ok for me riding up as I kept left as did the runners as they ran downhill, but for the riders coming down hill it was pretty hard to overtake. However the runners weren't on for long and the trail was nearly empty again.

I had a quick stop in Mundaring at 9am for a snack, then it was downhill on the MB towards Mundaring Weir. There is some nice single track, mainly on the South side of Mundaring Weir Rd, whereas the right hand side is often old railway line. Both are very nice for different reasons.

Soon you cross the Mundaring/Kalgoorlie pipeline and follow along next to it to the Mundaring Weir hotel. There is a short section of very steep down hill as you go past the pub - it can be scarily fast if you are fully loaded. You then turn left on the Mundaring Weir Rd downhill for a km or 2 - that can be pretty quick too. Turning off on the Pipeline track you basically follow the pipeline but usually on nice single track without following the hills that the pipeline goes over. As you cross the Helena River there is a little pool to stop and prepare for the uphill section.

Yep, it is now nearly all uphill to the Dell. Some sections are rideable, but some parts are quite steep single track with wash outs, so if you are unloaded and in the mood to test your maximum heart rate, you can ride it - otherwise it is push time. The touring route continues straight on when the standard route turns left (it is easy to miss the touring route as it is only signposted from the side) and is more uphill, before some downhill sections. It becomes more undulating ground, and flattens out as you get to the Dell.

When I got to the Dell I had a break on the picnic tables, used the toilet and watched all the MTB riders heading off on the myriad of trails in the area. After leaving the Dell you often cross the Kalamunda Circuit, indicated by a blue triangle. You cross a few MTB circuits which are one way so there will be no entry signs into them. And you will see a ramp over a log with a narrow plank to another log - you may wish to take your panniers off before attempting this! Or more sensibly, ride passed it like I always do.

The ride up to Mt Gungin is a gradual up hill slope, which would normally be quite rideable. But the pea gravel often made gentle slopes too hard to ride, especially if you lose momentum. It is not great hardship - get off and push for 100 metres or so, but this drops your average speed and makes you reassess your goal for the day. Rain does compact the pea gravel abit and keep the dust down, but will never eliminate it. For me, Brookton highway was now looking a better place to get picked up from instead of Albany Highway, but it was too late to change my plans.

I joined the Carinyah circuit not far from the Carinyah hut. The Carinyah circuit is an easy 15 km mountain biking trail, consisting of mainly wide 4WD tracks, with moderate hills. It can become loose and slippery in summer though. I stopped at the hut for a break and a drink. In the visitors log only 16 visitors had passed through since 1/1/14 (3 months over the hottest part of Summer), with most favouring the cooler months. There is no mobile phone service here. The two water tanks were still reasonable full after such a long dry spell (1/2 and 1/4 full) - I wonder if DEC top them up if they get too low. The water tasted fine straight from the tank and I had no ill effects after the ride.

There is a big rough 800m down hill section about 21km from Carinyah. It is steep with big water carved wash outs in it. It was so steep and rough I walked down half of it. That reminded me of a mate who rode up this hill on a 20 year old rigid MTB (no suspension at all) with panniers on - respect Richo!

There was a diversion on the website after 27 km from Carinyah which was there when I was last out there in Nov 2013. However the diversion maps on the trail had gone and I followed the trail as per the map until I hit a Y junction with no markers. I checked both tracks out for a 100m or so, but neither was marked. I took the left one, as I could hear Albany Hway in the distance and Gleneagles was to the left of where the MB almost touches Albany Hway. It turned out to be the wrong choice, but after about 1.4km of good road with obvious signs of recent logging I came to a gate within 50m of the highway and a path crossed my track. Looking right I saw a trail marker, so I went down the trail to the right to see the right turn of the unmarked Y junction came out about 200m to the West of where I was. So I returned to near the gate and continued on and rode the last 3 km or so next to the Highway before crossing Kinsella Rd (shown as Ashendon Rd on some maps). I got into Gleneagles about 5.30pm, very tired and sore. I rode a total of 88 hrs over 9hrs 15 mins. I had drunk a 3 litre camelback as well as 5 standard water bottles - it was still pretty warm on the trail. I was very dusty as well - check out the photo of my MB suntan at home! In hind site, Brookton Highway would have seen me finish about 3pm while I was still enjoying it more, rather than having to push myself to making it to Albany Hway.

May 2013

Hard Tail with BOB

Day 1 Mandurah-Pinjarra-North Dandalup Hut.

Hooked up my BOB trailer to the hard tail MTB and left Bayswater at 8.45am. Rode to Esplanade train station and arrived at 9.25am (bikes not allowed to go in to or travel on trains through this station until after 9.30am). Caught 9.35am train and was in Mandurah by 10.30am. Met Rod and we headed off to Pinjarra via the main road. The cycleway at either end was ok, the approximate 10 km sharing the road in the middle was not so fun, but it was over quickly. Had an obligatory pie & iced coffee at the Pinjarra Bakery before heading north up the South West Highway towards Perth at 12.30pm. A few km on the cycleway we turned right into Alcoa road and followed that flat easy road to North Spur Road. Turned left and started up the Scarp. It was a tough climb over about 5km with a really steep section in the middle but it is a very quiet road compared to the main road into Dwellingup. I walked the really steep section, but spun up the rest in lowest gear. Rod rode it all and waited for me at the top. We hit the MB at Kessners Rd at 3pm. We had ridden about 18km from Pinjarra, and hit the MB at about 22km North of Dwellingup, with 26km to go to the hut. This means we will be riding 74km today, including riding up the Scarp (about 300m vertical climb) so it is a much more reasonable ride with fully loaded mountain bikes than riding to Dwellingup and on to the hut. The trail was in parts terrible with pea gravel, but mostly ok. One intersection was unmarked and we took the wrong way, but we turned back after 1km and saw a marker pretty quickly down the right route. We were at the Dandalup hut before 5pm and snacked as I was pretty tired for the last 15km ( the most riding I have done lately is a 40km road bike ride with no gravel or panniers on those rides!). Good mobile phone reception at the hut so texted home, then had a big dinner - a double serve of rehydrated mushroom risotto - very nice. Weather was good, with a bit of humidity to make me sweat on big hills. Bed about 9pm

Day 2 North Dandalup To Jarrahdale

Cool night but not too cold. We were up about 7.15am for weetbix & fruit. We rode up to the toilets at dam for a break. Stayed on Scarp Rd till Rowley Rd then did touring route - even that was rocky & steep but we could ride up it in bottom gear. The standard route is even harder. I managed to ride most hills today, which is a benefit of not over doing it on first day like some previous rides. We were at Kingsbury Drive by 11am (19 km riding). The riding was abit easier after that, then a big down hill to Serpentine River. Now the big hill up to Jarrahdale - I rode MB from the river crossing, but jumped on Scarp Rd when MB crossed it for second time. Scarp Rd is long and steep, but at least you can ride it when fully loaded. We were at the Jarrahdale Cafe by 12.30pm for a big burger, iced coffee, icecream & lollies (carbs!), as well as a Gatorade & caramel slice for later. Warmed up in the sun, but when the clouds came over at lunchtime we got cold as our clothes were damp with sweat.

We were a bit slower after lunch, but the trip to the Wungong is generally so much flatter. Met 2 riders from Carinyah coming the other way who were aiming for Albany, and had a good chat with them. Also had a good chat with the DEC Ranger who stopped for a brew at Balmoral POW camp. It was decidedly cool now. The Bulldozer Rd hill was tough but rideable. Into Wungong hut at 4.40pm with sore bum and legs. I had my caramel slice for a snack before starting the unpacking and cooking, and then another rehydrated meal for dinner. Rod rides a lot faster than me, so I should travel lighter eg milk powder in zip lock bags instead of small UHT containers, less clothes, buy more meals on the way if I want to keep up with him - and train a lot more! It has cooled off a lot now, but rained a lot during the night so the cloud kept the temperatures up. There was intermittent phone signal at the hut and near Albany Highway.

Day 3 Wungong to Brookton Hway, home

A lot of rain overnight and heavy showers after sunrise so we stayed in bed till 7.30am listening to the rain on the roof - there is no point in rushing out to get wet! Got up for breakfast, then a work team turned up. Obviously a DEC guy, a prison officer and 4~5 prisoners. All were quite nice and we chatted before they went to work and we left. Soon started to rain, so we stayed on Kinsella Rd for 3km after crossing Albany Hway. Rejoined the MB at Canning River, just in time for a big hill. We saw a patch of burnt out bush - still burning and smoking even after all that rain. It looks like a prescribed burn. The trail flattened out afterwards. We ran into a group of school kids with a teacher heading to Wungong - gave them the weather forecast of 2 degrees and hail! The teachers stay in the huts and the kids had to camp! Mind you, if it was that cold, then the tents would be warmer, but I don't like tents in the rain. It is now cool and dry, but the track is very wet and muddy as is bike and BOB. Rod, who is all skin, bone & muscle (hence his great riding ability) is very cold so at Brookton Hway (there at 11.50am) we headed towards Kelmscott. It is 4km to Karragullen, then another 4km to the big downhill as we head off the Scarp. We had a meal on the Highway near Roleystone about 1pm. The old cafe with sweeping views over the valley is now a resturant, so we felt abit out of place eating out steak sandwiches and huddling over hot coffees while the blue rinse set chowed down on their lunches. We rode to Kelmscott before washing bikes and jumping on a train at 2.45pm. I was off at Claisebrook and rode to Bayswater and home by 3.30pm. It is now sunny but very cool. I really enjoyed this trip as it was not too strenuous, and we did not over do it on first or last days, which is what I usually do.

June 2011

Hardtail with panniers

4 of us met at Perth Underground train station at 6.45am on a Saturday (bikes are not allowed in central Perth stations before 9.30am on week days). I had ridden in from Bayswater along the cycleway next to the Midland line. We all jumped on a train and were at the Mandurah train station just before 8am. We rode along the cycleway by the Mandurah bypass road to get to Mandurah Pinjarra Rd. The first 10 km or so of the 23 km section is on cycleway, the last few kms are on a footpath, but the middle section is on the road (dual carrigeway, signposted about 90km/hr), so not the best fun. We went to the bakery for food, then on to Dwellingup via the direct route. On the flat section you are sharing the road with cars doing 110km/hr, which is not pleasant. The uphill section is a windy bit of road with double white lines and signposted about 80 km/hr, but the cars squeeze right past you as the bends are blind - not nice at all. (see "Getting There" section for two alternative routes - much easier and less cars, although you still have to climb up the Scarp on both routes). We were at Dwellingup by 11.30am, just in time for lunch. I bought a continental roll to take away for dinner tonight. We left town at 12.10pm. We stopped at Oakley Dam for second lunch, and forgot how long the down hill section in was (note - Map 2 Trail realignment no longer follows this route). 30km from the Dandalup hut we were tired, and last 15km to hut was really hard for us. There are some really pretty spots around Del Park Rd - it doesn't look like Perth jarrah forest, but more like Tasmanian forest. There is now no camping at Whittakers mill, although the MB maps say you can. There is a small realignment of the track coming into the hut so you go up a single track instead of that short but very, very steep track right to the huts door. Unfortunately the track had been chopped up by a motorbike, but was still rideable, wheras the former route was never rideable - I didn't even like riding down it. Got in about 6pm in darkness - a very long day. Cool but not cold night. Great hut with views over the plains & great mobile phone service.

Up about 6.30am after the night got quite cold. My thermals in a down sleeping bag fixed that! We left around 8am after weetbix & fruit. 2 of the guys went on ahead, but got lost, so we lost 1/2 hour in the first 2 km regrouping. Then we stopped at the real toilets on the dam wall - you ride right past them, so it was a really slow start to the day. The main Picnic area is down a big hill, so we were happy to just look down on it. We took the touring route near Rowley Rd, but otherwise followed MB all the way to Jarrahdale. The ride out of the Serpentine River valley is, as always, a killer! Recent rains had compacted the track nicely, but occasionally there was some washed out sections. Jarrah burgers all round at the Jarrahdale cafe and we had a decent break as it is only 25km to go to the hut, and it is all pretty good riding.

Left Jarrahdale at 2pm. Smooth gravel roads or rail trails saw good speeds in to Balmoral POW camp. The weather is fine and sunny but cool - perfect riding weather. We had a break at Balmoral then on to Wungong Hut via good gravel roads - no cars seen at all. We were into hut at 4.45pm. A family on a short ride from Albany highway were there already. and they stayed the night.

It was very cold overnight - there was ice on toilet hand rail in the morning! We guessed it was about 0 degrees and we found out later Jarrahdale was -1degree overnight! We slept in because it was so cold, so not away till about 8.30am. 29km to Brookton Hway, which was all pretty good except 2 big hills, one in particular being long, rough and would be a struggle to even ride down! We sat on a granite boulder in the sun for lunch. At Brookton Highway by 11.30am, and 2 of us rode the Highway home, while the other 2 rode to Pickering Brook and rode down Welshpool Rd to Vic Park. It was about 5km to Karragullen (110km/hr zone, gravel shoulder but light traffic), then downhill past Roleystone (70-80 km/hr, zone sealed shoulder) to Kelmscott, at speeds up to 60km/hr. We had a pie & a drink on the way, then jumped on a train to Claisebrook before I rode the last section back to Bayswater. Home by 2pm, so plenty of time to unpack, sort my gear and get ready for work tomorrow.

Oct 2010

Hardtail with panniers

Up at 5.30am and Alistair & I caught the 6.30am train to Midland, rode to Heritage trail then up to MB start in Mundaring (there at 8.30am, 21.30km ave 12.62km/hr, 1hr 41 mins over about 2 hrs). We had breakfast at the bakery on the highway, a couple of hundred metres from the trail head. The downhill into Weir was ok, but heading out of the valley was tougher- loose pea gravel, rock sections. The touring route was closed due to a fire-it was still smoking. Alistair was carrying too much gear in the Bob trailer, so we dropped some gear off in Pickering Brook with a friend for collection later. To make up time we rode the gravel road from Walnut road then Patterson road to Pickering Brook, then rejoined the trail. We got to Carinyah Hut at 2.35pm, so we decided to push on to Wungong Hut. The track is a lot better now - less gravel, less steep hills. The Southern side of Brookton Hway was good too - very shady, green and pretty. The steep hill down to the Canning River was hairy as we were fatigued. When we hit Kinsella road, we stayed on that to Albany Hway, which is often a bypass when the Trail is closed due to logging, fires etc. We got to Wungong Hut just before dark - too long a day to start a multi day ride, as you feel it the next day. There were 4 guys already at the hut who had come from Nannup, staying at each hut along the way to Mundaring. They went to bed early, whereas we stayed up late till 8pm! The possums came down to visit. Cold and uncomfortable night - I never like the first night on a sleeping mat.

We left just after 7.30am the next day - other 4 guys were still eating. We were at the Balmoral Prisoner of War site just after 9am. It is warming up nicely now - forecast was for a max of 20 degrees after yesterdays 30 degrees. I had a sore bum as sweat & friction were playing havoc - get bum cream for next ride. I love the ride into Jarrahdale - it is rail trail and pretty flat. Suprise, surprise - a Jarrah Burger for lunch and I bought heaps of food to take on the ride. Continued on Map 2.

Sept 2004

Hard tail with panniers

I am on a day ride on the hard tail bike, from Fred Jacoby Park to Brookton Highway and back. I am riding without panniers this time and it is a lot cooler than my last ride in Feburary. I drove up to Mundaring, then the short drive down hill to Fred Jacoby park, where I parked and unloaded. When I left at 8.45 am mine was the only car in the carpark. At the Dell at 9.35am, so 50 mins total, 45 mins riding time, 10.07 km.

Carinyah 1pm

I rode past Carinyah hut and on to Brookton Hway (got there about 12.30pm) then rode back to Carinyah for lunch. I am now hurting - my last break was 2 hours ago, I haven't had lunch yet and the ride is hard. So far 52.14km in 3hrs 34 min ride time, average 14.6k/hr

Fred Jacopby Park

4.15pm, 6hrs exact ride time, but 7.5 hrs elapsed time, 85.17km, average 14.2 km/hr. I rode from Lockwood Rd on the sealed Mundaring Weir road - it is slightly shorter than the MB and a lot easier when you are shattered! There is still the climb out of the Weir to Fred Jacoby park, but I spun up the hill in low gear, and didn't loose traction in the gravel like I would on the trail, so it was not too bad.

Feb 2004

Hard tail with panniers.

Fred Jacoby Park to The Dell and return, 30 degrees max

I drove up to Fred Jacoby Park, just down from Mundaring, at jumped on the bike at 7am. I am riding my hard tail with panniers full of gear to try everything out in preparation for a 3 day ride in a couple of weeks - my first overnight bike trip. There are some big hills with loose gravel that had to be walked. It is very humid weather so sweating a lot. I met and chatted to a guy coming the other way for 15mins.

At Lockwood Rd just after 9am.

There were lots of gravel so some walking, and no flattening out - still uphill. I picked this section as it seems the steepest part - seems I was right! I returned to Fred Jacoby via Mundaring Weir Rd - it was easy going down hill to the Weir but hard work going up with the panniers full of gear, especially when the road blokes fly past you.

Following Weekend - Saturday

Pickering Brook to Carinyah 32 degrees max

Left Pickering Brook about 9am after getting a lift there. The first couple of km or so were uphill on the road but then onto flowing track which was good. I stopped at Carinyah hut for my first look around a MB hut and was very impressed.

Canning River

1pm. It was a steep down hill to the river with gravel, but generally good. Got to Wungong Hut at 3pm, and thought of pushing on to Jarrahdale (the Bunk House) but decided to have my first night in a hut. I was also a bit tired now after a big ride. There was a guy there on a day ride from Kalamunda who was resting up. He was travelling light & fast and he left at 4pm to go to Jarrahdale. There were lots of hopping mice (natives?) in the hut and bush noises after dark but I slept ok. My thin sleeping mat was not comfortable - I need to get a self inflating mat as well for next time. I drank about 5 litres of water today.

Next day the ride into Jarrahdale was great - pretty flat, quite quick, but did see a big black wild pig. Apparently there are a few about - there are rumours of some escaping from farms and going feral. This is why I always sleep on the top bunk, and leave my food up there too. Left Wungong at 7am, at Jarrahdale just after 9am. Good fast ride. Drank lots in town. Continued on Map 2.

George's Bike Shop, Balcatta

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Munda Biddi Map 1 Mundaring to Jarrahdale

1.1 Mundaring to The Dell 16 km

1.2 The Dell to Carinyah 24 km

1.3 Carinyah to Gleneagles 30 km

1.4 Gleneagles to Jarrahdale 32 km

Total Map Distance: 102km

August 2015

Route: Carinyah Hut to Mundaring
15 Aug 2015 9:19:33 am
Ride Time: 2:53:47
Stopped Time: 1:32:44
Distance: 40.12 km
Average Speed: 13.85 km/h
Fastest Speed: 44.69 km/h
Ascent: 634m
Descent: 637m

July 2015

Jarrahdale To Wungong Hut
Started: 11 Jul 2015 8:18:13 am
Ride Time: 1:38:38
Stopped Time: 37:13
Distance: 27.51 km
Average Speed: 16.74 km/h
Fastest Speed: 42.58 km/h
Ascent: 314m
Descent: 282m

Wungong Hut To Carinyah Hut
Started: 11 Jul 2015 10:56:34 am
Ride Time: 2:16:15
Stopped Time: 1:14:13
Distance: 34.73 km
Average Speed: 15.30 km/h
Fastest Speed: 37.98 km/h
Ascent: 512m
Descent: 51m

Carinyah Hut To Train Station
Started: 11 Jul 2015 2:41:43 pm
Ride Time: 54:42
Stopped Time: 25:13
Distance: 21.37 km
Average Speed: 23.44 km/h
Fastest Speed: 58.53 km/h
Ascent: 183m
Descent: 472m

Apr 2014

Softail 29er Touring Route- day ride

6.3km 32 mins ride time, average 11.5km/hr, maximum 29.2km/hr
Start 8.33am, finish 9.06am

Mar 2014

Softtail, Day Ride Midland to Albany Hway

7.41am train from Bayswater, arrive Midland at 7.55am
Midland to Mundaring: Start 7.59am, finish 9.15am, Total time 1hr 16mins, 1hr 10mins ride time. 18.04km, average 15.53km/hr
Mundaring to The Dell: Start 9.29am, finish 11.02am, Total time 1hr 33mins, 1hr 1min ride time. 15.83km, average 15.66 km/hr, max 53.5km/hr
Dell to Carinyah: Start 11.17am, finish 1.56pm, Total time 2hr 39mins, 1hr 52mins ride time. 24.27km, average 13.03km/hr, 29.6km/hr max.
Carinyah To Gleneagles: Start 2.40pm, finish 5.24pm, Total time 2hr 44mins, 2hr 6mins ride time. 30.14km, average 14.35km/hr
Total for day: 6 hours 8 mins ride time over 9.5 hours, 88.28 km total

Gleneagles to Jarrahdale Start 9.07am, finish 1.14 pm, total time 4 hrs 7 mins, ride time 2hrs 3 mins,16.90 km/hr average, (slow group!)

May 2013

Hardtail with Bob

Day 2: Leave Dandalup hut at 8ish, Kinsbury Drive at 11am 19km, average 10.9 km
Jarrahdale 12.30pm, 34km, 3hrs 5 mins ride time over 4.5 hrs, average 11km/hr
Wungong at 4.40pm 62.83km, average 12.1km, 5hrs 11mins ride time over 8.5hrs

Day 3: Leave Wungong Hut about 8.30am, Brookton Hway 11.50am, Roleystone 1pm, Kelmscott 2.40pm, train to Perth and home by 3.30pm. 50.93 km, average 14.4km/hr, 3hrs 32 mins. Approx 117km on MB out of a total ride of 187km.

June 2011

Hardtail with panniers, Day 2 & 3 of 3 day Ride

Day 2: Leave Dandalup at 8 am, odometer at 97.25 km, 6 hrs 53 mins ride time so far.
Jarrahdale 11.30am 130.45km odo, 33.2 km, 13.2km/hr av, max 57.7km/hr, 2 hrs 58 mins ride, 9hrs 51 mins total
Wungong 4.45pm, 26 km, 159km total, 13.3km/hr av, 2 hrs 1 min ride time, 11 hrs 52 mins

Day 3: Leave Wungong at 8.30am, 29km to Brookton Hway(11.50am) then about 15km to Kelmscott and train home.
totals 216.18km av 13.8km/hr max 58.6km, 15hrs 33 min ride time

Oct 2010

Hardtail with panniers

Day 1: Catch train to Midland, ride Heritage trail to MB start in Mundaring (there at 8.30am, 21.30 km, 12.62km/hr average, 1hr 41 mins ride time over about 2 hrs)
Dell: 11am, 38.38 km, av 12.5km/hr, 3 hrs 3 mins over 4.5 hrs
Pickering Brook: 12.30 pm, 48.56km, Av 12.4km/hr, 3hrs 54 mins over 6 hrs
Carinyah Hut: 2.35pm 59.72km, 12.4km/hr av, 4hrs 49 mins over approx 8hrs
Wungong Campsite: 6.20pm, 93.27km, 12.5km/hr av, 7hrs 27mins over 12 hrs

Day 2:
Leave Wungong about 7.30 am.
Balmoral POW campsite: 9.10am 106.93km, 12.5km/hr av, 8hrs 33 mins ride time over 13 hrs 40 mins
Jarrahdale:10.20am 120.49km, 12.7km/hr av, 9 hrs 26mins over 14 hrs 50 mins
Nth Dandalup hut: 4.30pm 152.78 km, 12 hrs 34 mins, average 12.1km/hr

Sept 2004

Hard tail day ride

Hard tail, no luggage, Fred Jacoby to the Dell.
Left at 8.45 am, Dell at 9.35am, so 50 mins total, 45 mins riding time, 10.07 km.

Carinyah 1pm
Rode past Carinyah on to Brookton Hway (got there about 12.30pm) then rode back to Carinyah for lunch. So far 52.14km in 3hrs 34 min ride time, average 14.6k/hr

Fred Jacoby Park
4.15pm, 6hrs exact ride time, but 7.5 hrs elapsed time, 85.17km, average 14.2 km/hr, returned from Lockwood Rd on sealed road through Mundaring Weir

Feb 2004

Hard tail with panniers.

Fred Jacoby Park to The Dell
Left 7am, arrive 8.15am, 50 mins of cycle time to go 9.71km. Average 11.5 km/hr

Lockwood Rd
9.07am, distance 15.24km, 2hrs 7 min elapsed time, 1hr 25 min of ride time. Average 10.7 km/h. Return to Fred Jacoby via sealed road through Mundaring Weir

Following Weekend - Day 1:
Pickering Brook to Carinyah
Left 9am, arrive 10.08am.11.85km, average 12.5 km/hr, 56 1/2 mins cycle time, just over 1 hr elapsed time

Canning River
1pm, 1hr 43mins riding since Carinyah (23.48 km & about 2 hrs ago), average 13.6km.

Wungong Hut
3pm 1hr 4 mins ride time over 2 hours, 13.1 km, average 12.2km/hr. Total 48.3 km today.

Day 2
Left Wungong Hut at 7am, Jarrahdale just after 9am, 1hr 50 min ride time, 29.15 km, average 15.9 km.

George's Bike Shop, Balcatta

Ride proudly sponsored by George's Bike Shop,                     511 Wanneroo Rd, Balcatta

Profile & Maps

Mundaring to The Dell

The Dell to Carinyah hut

Touring Route

Carinyah Hut To Wungong Hut

Wungong Hut to Jarrahdale

Getting there/back: Mundaring to Midland

Getting there/back: Armadale Train Station to MB near Gleneagles

Getting there/back: Carinyah hut to Train Station

Getting there/back: Jarrahdale to Armadale Train station

George's Bike Shop, Balcatta

Ride proudly sponsored by George's Bike Shop,                     511 Wanneroo Rd, Balcatta

George's Bike Shop, Balcatta

Ride proudly sponsored by George's Bike Shop,                     511 Wanneroo Rd, Balcatta