Have you thought about riding the Munda Biddi Trail?

This 1000 km off road cycling trail from Mundaring to Albany in Western Australia is one of National Geographic's top 10 cycle rides in the world. It often utilises old rail trails (called forms), and it is packed full of history, adventure and natural beauty.

But before you start packing your panniers (or hook up your bike trailer) on your mountain bike (MTB) and pedal off, there is plenty you need to know. Read my ride reviews and blog, or see one of my many videos below.

The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation (MBTF) maps are great, but my website gives you lots of additional info. My notes, photos, ride statistics and track reports collected from over 12 years riding and bike packing will help you with your trip planning. I have noted where every one of the 2500 Trail markers are, and you can print out my route summary sheets to aid your navigating. I also have lots of up to date .gpx files available to help you.

And after you have finished the Munda Biddi, my website reviews similiar touring tracks and trails around Perth and WA. They include the following trails: Railway Reserves, Denmark Nornalup, Mason and Bird, Collie Darkan, Wadandi Trails, as well as the Waterous Loop and Kep Track. These even a couple in N.Z. and Victoria.

So whether you are riding end to end or just out for a day ride, you'll find lots of up-to-date info here.

Best wishes with your trip,

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