Kauri Timber Company

Kauri isa New Zealand soft wood, with more timber in their cylindrical trunks than comparable Sequoias with their tapering stems. Kauri forests are among the most ancient in the world appearing between 190 and 135 million years ago. Trees can normally live longer than 600 years with many individuals probably exceeding 1000 years.The size and strength of kauri timber made it a popular wood for construction and ship building, particularly for masts of sailing ships. Kauri is also a superb timber for boat building because of its resistance to rot.

The Kauri Timber Company one of the oldest timber companies in Australia, and was established in 1888 by a group of Melbourne businessmen to take over timber interests in New Zealand. Its operations later spread to Western Australia and the Solomon Islands. It combined the activities of over 20 sawmillers of kauri into one group, importing and marketing the timber from New Zealand. By 1908, diminishing supplies of kauri in NZ meant they had to look elsewhere for timber. In 1912, the company purchased W.A. Jarrah Sawmills, who logged at Barrabup and Ellis Creek, near Nannup and later near Northcliffe. In 1914, a new loco was purchased and named "Kauri". By 1930, its business was concentrated in Australia. The Nannup Mill was established in 1926, but is now operated by Nannup Timber Processing Pty Ltd. Nannup Mill is designed to mill Jarrah which is harvested from state managed forests, and is still in operation.

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