Sept 2004 Mundaring to Brookton H'way & back

I am on a day ride on the hard tail bike, from Fred Jacoby Park to Brookton Highway and back. I am riding without panniers this time and it is a lot cooler than my last ride in Feburary. I drove up to Mundaring, then the short drive down hill to Fred Jacoby park, where I parked and unloaded. When I left at 8.45 am mine was the only car in the carpark. At the Dell at 9.35am, so 50 mins total, 45 mins riding time, 10.07 km.

Carinyah 1pm
I rode past Carinyah hut and on to Brookton Hway (got there about 12.30pm) then rode back to Carinyah for lunch. I am now hurting - my last break was 2 hours ago, I haven't had lunch yet and the ride is hard. So far 52.14km in 3hrs 34 min ride time, average 14.6k/hr

Fred Jacoby Park
4.15pm, 6hrs exact ride time, but 7.5 hrs elapsed time, 85.17km, average 14.2 km/hr. I rode from Lockwood Rd on the sealed Mundaring Weir road - it is slightly shorter than the MB and a lot easier when you are shattered! There is still the climb out of the Weir to Fred Jacoby park, but I spun up the hill in low gear, and didn't loose traction in the gravel like I would on the trail, so it was not too bad.

Feb 2004 Mundaring to Dell and back

Fred Jacoby Park to The Dell and return, 30 degrees max
I drove up to Fred Jacoby Park, just down from Mundaring, at jumped on the bike at 7am. I am riding my hard tail with panniers full of gear to try everything out in preparation for a 3 day ride in a couple of weeks - my first overnight bike trip. There are some big hills with loose gravel that had to be walked. It is very humid weather so sweating a lot. I met and chatted to a guy coming the other way for 15mins.

At Lockwood Rd just after 9am.
There were lots of gravel so some walking, and no flattening out - still uphill. I picked this section as it seems the steepest part - seems I was right! I returned to Fred Jacoby via Mundaring Weir Rd - it was easy going down hill to the Weir but hard work going up with the panniers full of gear, especially when the road bikes fly past you.

Feb 2004 Pickering Brook to Dwellingup

Pickering Brook to Carinyah 32 degrees max
Left Pickering Brook about 9am after getting a lift there. The first couple of km or so were uphill on the road but then onto flowing track which was good. I stopped at Carinyah hut for my first look around a MB hut and was very impressed.

Canning River
1pm. It was a steep down hill to the river with gravel, but generally good. Got to Wungong Hut at 3pm, and thought of pushing on to Jarrahdale (the Bunk House) but decided to have my first night in a hut. I was also a bit tired now after a big ride. There was a guy there on a day ride from Kalamunda who was resting up. He was travelling light & fast and he left at 4pm to go to Jarrahdale. There were lots of hopping mice (natives?) in the hut and bush noises after dark but I slept ok. My thin sleeping mat was not comfortable - I need to get a self inflating mat as well for next time. I drank about 5 litres of water today.

Next day the ride into Jarrahdale was great - pretty flat, quite quick, but did see a big black wild pig. Apparently there are a few about - there are rumours of some escaping from farms and going feral. This is why I always sleep on the top bunk, and leave my food up there too - out of a pig's reach.

Left Wungong Hut at 7am, at Jarrahdale just after 9am. Good fast ride along old railway line. Drank lots in town, and ate well too. Should be hot today but the easterly is strong so that has some cooling effect even though it is hot breeze. Only me in the hut last night.

Karnet Brook
Left Jarrahdale at 10am.Trail plunges into Scarp River, but MB in parts was so gravelly that I had to pedal to keep moving downhill! Took a wrong turn, but picked it up quickly and only did one extra km. Scarp Rd out of Serpentine River valley was long & steep. Had to push the bike for about 3km - walk 100m, stop, wipe off sweat, get breath back, repeat. Now very hot and first 8 km took nearly 2 hrs! Emptied hydration pack (3L) and 2 water bottles. (Note - new route from Serpentine River towards Dandalup Hut follows on Scarp Rd, which is just as steep, but is rideable, whereas original route was virtually unrideable)

Dandulup Hut
5pm Lots of up and downs from Gobby Rd to Rowley Rd with lots of gravel. Very hard to drink my water now as it is air temperature ie about 38 degree C! Still forced it in as best I can. I ran out of water about 5km short of hut, but luckily there is water at the toilets on Dandalup Dam. Sat on the cool concrete guzzling cool water from the tap for a while before the last ride to the hut. I drank over 7 litres today. 5 riders in the hut in total. Good views off the Darling Scarp to Ocean. Good mobile phone coverage.

Oakley Dam Monday
Got an early start because of the heat. Nice ride - lots of nice tracks, good trees. Had a brief thundery shower when on top of the arboretum, which cooled me off for abit, but then made it humid. Caught up with 2 guys from the hut again.

1 big, washed out rutted hill, so steep I walked down it to be on the safe side! 2 of the guys from the hut rode past down it - heroic or stupid, I am not quite sure. Just better riders I assume. Road out of Oakley Dam was long steep gravel road, but rest was good. Last 5km into Dwellingup was tough - must be tired. In just before lunch, so a quick bite to eat then my ride turned up to take me home.

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