Emergency repairs

Simplistic emergency repairs

If it moves when it shouldn't - try gaffer tape or cable ties.
If doesn't move when it should, try chain oil or WD40

The following items are recommended for carrying on a day's ride:

Bike tyre pump, spare tube(s), puncture repair kit with tyre levers, bicycle multi tool.

Know how to fix a flat tyre

Carry spare tubes, puncture repair kit, gas bottles & adaptor (optional) and a pump. Don't just rely on gas bottles as once you use all your gas you have no pump. Plus they are heavy. Make sure you can change a tube, especially the rear wheel, before you go.

FiberFix Spoke replacements

(OK, that is American spelling - we would spell it Fibre Fix).
Ideal for fixing broken spokes on the trail. It is not necessary to remove the cluster if it happens on your rear wheel. A broken spoke put extra pressure on other spokes, causing more to break. I have ridden about 100km with one of these on my rear wheel and I cannot recommend them enough.  FiberFix spokes  are now a vailable from me  for $28 including postage (or 2 for $50)  - more details coming March 2017.

See how to fit a FiberFix spoke here:

You can buy them here.

Multi Tool:

See the range of bike tools we stock here:

You can buy them here.

Damaged tyre

I have always carried tyre repair patches  to cover splits or holes in tyres ( I use a denim material about 50x 100mm). They are small and light in your toolbox.

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