Munda Biddi distance summary

Please note: Buy the official Munda Biddi maps - my information is a compliment to them, not a replacement for them

Munda Biddi Trail Foundation's distance calculator:

Is located here.This excellent tool  works in both directions north and south. You should always use this calculator in conjunction with the Munda Biddi Trail maps. The distances quoted are rounded to the nearest 100 metres.

Map Distances:

These are my distances as ridden, which are usually very close to the distances indicated on the Munda Biddi Foundation maps. However, there are some small differences. Yours will be different too as you make small detours to shops, take the diversions, or go back to look at things.

Map 1 Mundaring to Jarrahdale :

Mundaring to The Dell 16 km
The Dell to Carinyah Hut 24 km
Carinyah Hut to Wungong Hut 35 km
Wungong Hut to Jarrahdale 28 km
Total Map Distance: 103 km

Getting to/from the Trail:
Midland Train Station to Mundaring 18 km
Carinyah hut to Challis train station 21 km
Wungong Hut to Armadale Train station via Gleneagles 29 km
Jarrahdale to Armadale Train station 30 km

Map 2 Jarrahdale to Nanga:

Jarrahdale to Dandalup hut 34 km
Dandalup Hut to Dwellingup 42 km
Dwellingup to Nanga 16 km
Total Map Distance: 92 km

Getting to/from the Trail:
Armadale Train station to Jarrahdale 30 km
Dandalup Hut to Mandurah Train station 35 km
Dwellingup to Mandurah Train station 42 km

Map 3 Nanga to Collie:

Dwellingup to Nanga (16 km - part of Map 2) to Bidjar 11 km
Bidjar Ngoulin Hut to Logue Brook Dam 32 km
Logue Brook Dam to Yarri Hut 45km
Yarri Hut to "3 ways" 26 km
"3 Ways" to Collie 19 km
Total Map Distance: 133 km

Getting to/from the Trail:
Mandurah Train station to Dwellingup 42 km

Map 4 Collie to Jarrahwood:

Collie to "3 Ways" 19 km
"3 Ways" To Nglang Hut 31 km
Nglang Hut to Boyanup 28 km
Boyanup to Goodwood/Vernon 31 km
Goodwood/Vernon to Jarrahwood 32 km
Total Map Distance: 141 km

Getting to/from the Trail:
Boyanup to Bunbury Train station 20 km
Donnybrook to Bunbury Train station 38 km

Map 5 Jarrahwood to Manjimup:

Jarrahwood to Nannup 26 km
Nannup To Donnelly Mill 39 km
Donnelly Mill to Karta Burnu hut 24 km
Karta Burnu hut to Manjimup 24 km
Total Map Distance: 113 km

Map 6 Manjimup to Northcliffe:

Manjimup to Quinninup: 43 km
Quinninup to Pemberton: 40 km
Pemberton to Northcliffe: 44 km
Total Map Distance: 127 km

Map 7 Northcliffe to Walpole:

Northcliffe to Yirra Kartta Hut: 50km
Yirra Kartta Hut to Kwokralup Beela Hut: 45 km
Kwokralup Beela Hut to Walpole: 30km
Total Map Distance: 125 km

Map 8 Walpole to Denmark:

Walpole to Booner Mundak Hut: 53 km
Booner Mundak Hut to Jinung Beigabup Hut: 56 km
Jinung Beigabup Hut to Denmark 43km
Total Map Distance: 152 km

Map 9 Denmark to Albany:

Denmark to Youngs Sidings (27 km)
Youngs Sidings to Elleker (31 km)
Elleker to Albany (18 km)
Total Map Distance: 76 km

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