The Campsites

The twelve purpose built Munda Biddi campsites are located about 40-50 km apart where there are no towns nearby. To see them all, watch this short video:

The huts are open at both ends with 4 sleeping platforms, 2 rainwater tanks fed from the roof, 2 picnic table and chairs, a bike storage hut, a toilet ( a drop toilet, and occasionally with toilet paper provided!) and some camping areas. The huts come in 2 sizes- most are large but some like Yarri & Nglang are the same format, but not as deep (half the size in sleeping area). They will sleep 10 or 20 comfortably depending on the size - although it is rare to share a hut. They won't keep you warm, but they will keep you out of the sun, rain and wind. There is also some bench seats at the opposite end of the hut to the picnic tables, and some huts have a fold out bike service rack. There are usually cleared and leveled camping sites close to the hut. No fires are permitted- bring your stove. A rake, broom and dust pan and brush are provided for cleaning up before you lay out your gear. A plastic box contains a riders log and visitors book for recording your visit. It occassionaly may contain a few bits and pieces- left over food, a nearly empty gas cylinder, a well thumbed novel etc.

The huts also have a notice board where  Parks and Wildlife Service can post copies of diversions. The hut notice board is being written to include safety information and actions regarding fire. Eventually all 12 huts will be updated with this information.

Large groups are requested to not occupy the huts until individual riders have had the opportunity to occupy the huts. I have not seen or heard of groups larger than 8, and then there is plenty of room for them all.

For a walk through tour of a typical hut and camp site see below. This 60 second video shows you around Wungong campsite on Map 1:

If you do stay at the huts, or even just pass through, make sure you sign the visitors log. This enables the Parks and Wildlife Service and the Munda Biddi Foundation to collate information on the number of riders using the facilities and Trail. There is also a book for writing notes and your story in - it makes very good reading at night. For a sample of some of the riders logs recorded in 2015 see a Dropbox link here.


The huts are :

Carinyah hut, Map 1, is the closest hut to Perth, and is often utilised by day riders doing the Carinyah circuit or other sections. I had no phone signal here. It is located near the old Carinyah settlement - see more here. Or see more on Map 1.

Wungong hut, Map 1, is located close to Albany Highway and Jarrahdale Road near Wungong Brook. The Albany Highway to Jarrahdale ride is a popular day ride with cyclists. You can get dropped at Gleneagles on Albany Highway, the hut is a short ride away, then your driver can wait in the coffee shop in Jarrahdale while you ride along the old form and gravel roads to meet them. I had no phone signal here. See More on Map 1, or the video of a walk through Wungong hut above.

Dandalup Hut, Map 2, has wonderful views off the Scarp on to the coastal plain to the Indian Ocean. As a result, it has the best mobile phone service of all the huts. See More on Map 2.

Bidjar Ngoulin hut, Map 3, was damaged in the January 2016 fire and is presently closed (but do check DPaW website here) . It was possibly the most popular and prettiest hut on the Trail. Dwellingup is the home of adventure sports, and the Murray Valley has some very scenic sections of riding. The Waterous Loop (see here) also utilises this hut as an ideal half way stop. The hut is just off King Jarrah Form on Federal Gully. Near the hut, a small stream with a waterfall flows nearly all year round. I had no phone signal here.See More on Map 3.

Yarri hut, Map 3, is a small hut perched half on the form overlooking a small stream. I had no phone signal here. See More on Map 3.

Nglang Boodja Hut, Map 4, is a small hut located on the side of Riches Gully, not far from Honeymoon Pool on the Collie River. I had a weak phone signal here. See More on Map 4

Nala Mia hut, Map 4 is located in the town site of Jarrahwood, a tiny hamlet without shops. See More on Map 4. I have not been able to get a mobile phone service there, but some riders have reported a Telstra signal. Try the slight rise by the tree line behind the hut - that helps. A special mention must be made of the Jarrahwood Community house. It is at 15 Middle Rd, 100m from the hut. It is a fully furnished mill cottage available at $20 per head per night. Details and a map are at the Munda Biddi hut and on a small sign on the trail as you ride into town. If you are at the "back verandah" area, the house is the nearest house to the hut. I have stayed in the house for 4 nights now, and it maybe a bit basic if you compare it to commercially available chalets, but it is a bargain price and absolute luxury if you were planning on another night in a hut. Just please be considerate that the hut is run by volunteers. To access the Jarrahwood Community hut, visit Helen and Mark at 6 Jarrahwood Mill Road. Phone numbers are 9756 2138.

Karta Burnu hut, Map 5, is situated on the top of a hill overlooking a valley. In Spring it looks like Swiss chalet on a green meadow. See More on Map 5

Yirra Kartta hut, Map 7, was damaged in the 2015 fire and has now reopened. It is located near a granite dome that has significance to the local Noongar people. I had no phone signal here. See More on Map 7.

Kwokralup Beela hut, Map 7, is located by some rapids that have significance to the local Noongar people. I had a weak phone signal here. See More on Map 7.

Booner Mundak hut, Map 8, is an unremarkable hut situated off Middle Road, mainly because of a lack of accommodation anywhere nearby. But a night in a hut in the bush is better than a day at work! I had intermittent phone signal here. See More on Map 8.

Jinung Beigabup hut, Map 8, is spectacular hut under the regrowth karri trees facing Mount Lindesay. It also has what looks like the biggest sleeping area of all the huts - it is huge! I had a good phone signal here as it is only about 10 km from Denmark as the crow flies. See More on Map 8.

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