Sales and Hire

We now offer the following items for sales and hire. See more in our online shop here.

Some of the products we sell or hire are:

Extrawheel Bike Trailers:

An Extrawheel bike trailer is an excellent solution for bicycles with disc brakes and bicycles without a luggage carrier. They are available for sale or hire. Extrawheel may be attached to most types of bicycles - recumbent bicycles, racing bicycles, "fat" bikes and full suspension mountain bikes. Towing a trailer results in little wear to the bicycle, unlike luggage carriers burdened with heavy panniers. It features a full-size mudguard to help keep you and your panniers clean.

You can buy or hire these trailers from me, as well as Ortleib panniers and handlebar bags to suit. Extrawheel products are covered with 5 year warranty. Ortlieb bike panniers are covered with 5 year warranty as well.

Extrawheel is the lightest trailer, at only 4.8 kilos with a standard wheel. 
Extrawheel will suit almost any bike. 
Extrawheel is safe. It detaches from the bike in case of a major collision
Extrawheel is the best when riding off road. A big wheel will overcome obstacles more easily. 
Extra wheel is compact, so easy to transport.
Extra Wheel carries up to 35 kilos.
Extrawheel bicycle trailers are a fully functioning spare wheel that can be used to replace a damaged front wheel on your bicycle.

Some blogs of riders who have used Extrawheel trailers in WA:
Riding the Canning Stock Route here
The Cycling Dutch girl here

Extrawheel trailer sales  - Trailer with wheel (suit 26", 27.5" or 29", road or Fat bikes) 
Trailer without wheel (suit 26", 27.5" or 29", road or Fat bikes) 
Ortleib Back Roller panniers to suit 
More details are at our shop

Trailer hire:

Extrawheel trailer hire - Min 3 days $75, 1 week $85, 2 weeks $140, 3 weeks $180, 4 weeks $200 (Includes Ortleib panniers.)

Full hire period payment plus 2 week's hire as deposit, photo ID required. 
Hire rates are for time from when you collect to when you return , not just time you use the trailer. More details are here.

BoB trailer hire -  I also have two BoB trailers for hire - the Ibex (75mm shock absorber travel on rear wheel) is 8kg and the Yak (rigid rear wheel) is 6kg. The Ibex can fit a 26" - 29" bike, whereas the Yak will only fit a 26" bike. They both include a DrySak and are easily fitted to your bike by replacing the rear quick release skewer with one suiting the trailer. 

Yak incl DrySak:  Min 3 days $50, 1 week $65, 2 weeks $100, 3 weeks $125, 4 weeks $140 
Ibex with DrySak: Min 3 days $75, 1 week $85, 2 weeks $140, 3 weeks $180, 4 weeks $200

Full hire period payment plus 2 week's hire as deposit, photo ID required. Services. Includes large water proof dry bag. Hire rates are for time from when you collect to when you return, not just time you use the trailer. More details are here.

FiberFix Spoke replacements

(OK, that is American spelling - we would spell it FibreFix).
Ideal for fixing broken spokes on the trail. It is not necessary to remove the cluster if it happens on your rear wheel. A broken spoke puts extra pressure on other spokes, causing more to break. I have ridden about 100km with one of these on my rear wheel and I cannot recommend them enough.  Fiber Fix spokes are now available from our shop. They are worth carrying with you, even on day rides. You can buy FFS here.

See how to fit a FiberFix spoke here:

First aid kits

We have customised our First Aid Kits to suit Australian off-road cyclist's needs. More of the stuff you do need, less of the stuff you don't.

Off the shelf kits do not cater to the needs of off road cyclists.  Both our first aid kits (a basic kit for day rides, and a more comprehensive kit for multi day rides) carry the usual first aid items, but both are modified to carry the items a bike rider would need on the Munda Biddi Trail or somewhere similar. See them in our shop here.

Bike Tools

Compact bike tools often give insufficient leverage, and tools that gave you leverage are not compact enough. Here's a better way. Plus the bottle mounted tools are right where you need them.

The lightest weight option in the lineup, the original Fix It Sticks are a modular, dual T-handle tool that breaks down for easy packing and uses a permanently attached configuration of bits to meet your needs. They come in either a pouch or with a water bottle bracket mount, so they are always where you need them.

The unique design of Replaceable Fix It Sticks allows the sticks to travel flat for compactness, but then snap together to form a T-wrench for fastening applications. By adding replaceable bit capability to the original design, custom bit combinations can be created for on-bike or other uses. And the new Mountain bike tool kit includes a chain breaker and tyre levers.

And if you want a workshop tool, try the T-Way Wrench. It is permanently secured in the T-shape for those who want a true shop bike tool experience.

See them at our shop here or in a video below:

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