My experience:

Listen here whipper snapper...I have been riding the Munda Biddi for nearly a decade and a half, when it stopped in Dwellingup and the maps were made of paper, not this new-fangled tear-proof, water-proof stuff! But seriously, my first multi day was a lot tougher than I expected, and I rode at totally the wrong time of year (January, mid Summer). That experience put me off riding the Trail again for another 4 years (until the next section was opened)! I did return to it, and rode the sections as they opened, but I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. I kept a diary of my rides with detailed notes on the route, conditions, distance ridden, times etc. I found lots of other riders were asking for my advice, so the idea of this website was born in Jan 2014. I have re-ridden the entire Trail in stages in 2014 while tracking my route on GPS and taking detailed notes of all the track markers, track conditions and taken lots of photos. I am doing it again in 2015 & 2106, this time from South to North. I think this info will help you with your Munda Biddi ride.

About me

I am not an elite cyclist, a fabulous navigator, a great photographer or a tech head. I do find myself "located between two known points" (you might use the word "lost"). I often over estimate my abilities and try to ride too far in a day. I am old fashioned - I am not into bike packing but prefer panniers or trailers, and my tyres have tubes in them. I am over weight, I get a sore back and am middle aged. I usually photograph and video using my phone. What I do have is:

- Plenty of experience (I bought my first MTB in 1985 and started riding around the Perth Hills then).
- Local knowledge (I have been exploring WA by bike and motorbike for 30 years)
- Map reading experience (20 years in the Army Reserve and 15 years with the SES)
- Munda Biddi riding experience (I have documented over 80 days on the trail since 2004).
- I also like to record my rides in diary and data form, as well as take lots of photos and video.
- The Munda Biddi Trail is almost in my backyard, so I can jump on it many weekends a year.

By putting it all together I came up with this website. If I can ride the Munda Biddi Trail, so can you.

Please keep in mind that I work on Follow My Ride in my spare time. This means I am unable to help with things like info on current diversions (click here for current diversions), up-to-date opening hours, transport timetables etc. I may also take a couple of days to respond to any emails, but I am sure you have not left your enquiry to the last minute!

Thank You to......

Adrian & Rose for the brilliant website design. If you want a website as good as mine, contact me and I will pass on their details.
Luan, Nigel, Martin, Tracy, Rod, John, Alastair, Terri, Ed, Dawn, Dan, Cary and Maria for being in my photos.

Perry and Paul, my father in law, for allowing me to use a couple of their photos.

Ed for doing some of the Go Pro video for me and allowing me to use a couple of his photos. Cary for sharing his excellent bike videos. Thanks Nigel for recording me too.

My Mum, for dropping me off and picking me up so I could ride.
Cath, for all the boring typing and brilliant acting!
Last but not least, my wife, who dropped me off and picked me up, put up with all my weekends away, kept me "fuelled" for all my rides, starred in lots of my videos, then tolerated my hours at night hunched over the computer when I should have been a good husband - I couldn't have done this with out you!